Punta Mita’s Medical Centre is attended by, ServicMedico de la Bahia, well known for the quality of its Medical Service as well as for the high ethical standard of its professionals.

Here in Punta Mita: 
Open hours : 24×365
Services: Traumatology, Theraphist, Emergencies, Laboratory

Emergencies: Call 045 322 151 7758
Telephone Number: (329) 291 5361

Continuous Medical assistance at clinic from 9:00 A.M. To 6:00 P.M. (Doctor on call available 24 hrs).

*24 Hour Service combined with Hotel Four Seasons

  •  Diagnosis equipment
  •  Exploration table and lamp.
  •  Smaller surgery equipment
  •  Equipped Emergency room
  •  Suture equipment
  •  Cast & splints
  •  Ambulance
  •  Wheelchair
  • Crutches

Certified Doctors in advanced cardiovascular life support.